3 Colors of Pepper

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Aug 23, 2023

August 23, 2023

Whether green, black, red or white, all peppers come from the same plant: piper-nigrum, grown in Kampot in southern Cambodia on a family-run, eco-responsible farm selected by Khla, l’épicerie du Mékong.

In this article, we’ll explain the different colors of pepper.

Kampot pepper and its different colors

Kampot pepper is one of Cambodia’s culinary treasures. Famous for its exceptional quality, it is distinguished not only by its refined taste, but also comes in a variety of colors. From classic black pepper to delicate white pepper to intense red pepper, each of these varieties offers distinct flavors and aromas that can enhance any dish. In this article, we’ll explore the different colors of Kampot pepper, the different flavors and smells of each pepper, and their uses in cooking.

The different colors of Kampot pepper :

Green Kampot Pepper

Green pepper is the color of peppercorns in the early stages of ripening. It can only be kept naturally fresh for 3 days, after which the berries oxidize. In Cambodia, it is cooked fresh in many dishes, such as Kep crab with green pepper. Dried with Kampot salt, it’s delicious pecked as an aperitif.

Black Kampot Pepper

Black pepper is the most widely used and well-known. It is harvested when the berries are green and then sun-dried until black. Kampot black pepper has a pungent, slightly sweet flavor, with woody, earthy notes. Perfect for meats, sauces and stews.

Red Kampot Pepper

Red pepper is harvested at mid-ripeness, when it is bright red in color. It is then slowly dried, giving it a sweeter, fruitier flavor than black pepper. Kampot red pepper has aromas of ripe fruit, plum and licorice. It goes well with fruit, desserts, salads and exotic dishes.

White Kampot Pepper

Kampot white pepper is harvested before full maturity, when the berries are still green. They are then soaked in water to remove the outer skin, leaving only the white seed. White pepper is more pungent than black pepper because it is the core of the berry, without the pulp. Incredibly aromatic with floral and citrus notes, it is ideal for seafood dishes, light sauces and delicate dishes.

The different flavors and smells of each pepper:

Each variety of Kampot pepper has distinct taste and smell characteristics. Here’s an overview of the flavors and smells of each pepper:

  • Green pepper: fresh, mild and vegetal.
  • Red pepper: mild, fruity, plum, licorice.
  • White pepper: aromatic, floral, lemony, powerful.
  • Black pepper: spicy, sweet, woody, earthy.

What color pepper should I use in cooking?

Kampot pepper, whatever its color, can add a touch of sophistication to your dishes. Here are a few suggestions for use in cooking:

Green pepper: ideal in the emblematic dish of southern Cambodia: Kep crab with pepper. Watch Mamaly’s video on how to make a green pepper sauce with Khla pepper.

Black pepper: perfect for seasoning meats, stews, marinades, grilled vegetables and sauces.

Red pepper: excellent for fruit desserts, fruit salads, ice creams, exotic dishes and cocktails.

White pepper: a must-have for seafood, poultry dishes, soups, light sauces and delicate dishes.

Meat BBQ Crab with pepper Dessert with pepper

To conclude:

Kampot pepper is distinguished by its different colors and the unique flavors and smells it offers. Whether you prefer the freshness of green pepper, the spiciness of black pepper, the fruity sweetness of red pepper or the floral aroma of white pepper, each of these varieties can add an exceptional gustatory dimension to your dishes. Explore the different cooking uses of each pepper and be inspired by the culinary delights that Kampot pepper has to offer. Don’t hesitate to experiment and discover new flavor combinations to awaken your taste buds. Bon appétit!

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